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    Lead Guest Editor, Journal of Engineering, Hindawi

    Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing in Active Electrical Distribution Networks - call for paper in PDF

    Special Issue on “Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing in Active Electrical Distribution Networks”

    The future power system, known as smart grid, will host a variety of new technologies, such as distributed generation resources, energy storage devices, electric vehicle (EV), and demand response resource at low-voltage distribution system. A sophisticated feet of sensors, measurement tools, communication channels, and real-time data streaming apparatuses are expected to be deployed in future distribution networks. e industry and research community have been working on addressing the challenges presented by adopting such complex systems in recent years. Such challenges include real-time optimal operation of distributed generation, energy storage devices, and demand response resources at distribution level in uncertain operation conditions, community distribution network, local energy trading, and supporting upstream grid. To take advantage of the new possibilities and overcome the potential issues in the new era, development of modern operational tools and algorithms is required for active distribution networks.

    In this special issue, we are seeking the cutting-edge research related to the advancement active distribution networks by employing modern computational intelligence and soft computing techniques. We invite researchers from academia as well as industry to submit their high-quality works and research findings in this relatively new area with focus on application of soft computing methods, artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning, and optimization algorithms.

    Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

    • Demand response, V2G, and G2V scheduling and operation
    • Real-time management and operation of demand response resources, stationary storage devices, and EVs in an uncertain condition
    • Transactive energy market for active distribution network in uncertain conditions
    • Active distribution system planning considering renewable generation, storage devices, EVs, and demand response resources
    • Development of demand response programs and evaluation of their impacts on the active distribution grid operation
    • Distribution system reliability analysis considering inherent uncertainties of the system in the future
    • Smart condition monitoring for power system equipment and state-estimation using big data in a stochastic environment

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    Submission Deadline: Friday, 26 January 2018
    Publication Date: June 2018
    Lead Guest Editor:
         S. Ali. Pourmousavi Kani, University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Australia
    Guest Editors:
    • Chenye Wu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
    • Babak Asghari, NEC Laboratories America, Cupertino, USA
    • Ali J. Ardakani, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
    • Mousa Marzband, Northumbria University Newcastle, Newcastle, UK
    • Mahdi Behrangrad, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Osaka, Japan

Professional Affiliation

  • IEEE 2017

    Secretary, IEEE Joint Chapter of Power Electronics/Industrial Electronics/ Industry Applications Societies

    Secretary, 2017-Present

  • IEEE 2007

    Power & Energy Society (PES), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    Student Member, 2007-2014 - Member, 2015-Present

  • EA 2017

    MIEAust, The Institution of Engineers Australia

    Member, 2017-Present

  • EA 2017

    Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA), Engineers Australia (EA)

    Member, 2017-Present

Invited Talk

  • Energy Storage workshop certificate

    Big Data Tools and Procedures in Power Systems Research

    Invited by IEEE Queensland Student Chapter, Oct. 3, 2017

    In recent years, millions of advanced metering devices are installed at different locations of power systems all around the world. They measure, record, and communicate an unprecedented amount of data for the attention of power system operators and consumers. Gathered data can be analysed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic moves. To effectively deal with the volume, velocity, and variety of the data, power system researchers and engineers should be able to use tools and procedures that have been created in the field of big data analysis over the last two decades. In this talk, a set of tools and procedures from the field of big data and their applications in power systems research will be introduced. More specifically, the reasons that a power systems researcher/engineer needs to learn these tools and methods, will be highlighted and the standard procedure (used by many Data Scientist) to prepare and polish data for further analysis will be introduced. In the last section of the talk, each tool, and their applications and functionalities based on the given standard procedure will be briefly introduced.

Professional Training

  • Energy Storage workshop certificate

    Energy Storage: An introduction to Technologies, Applications and Best Practices

    by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016

    One day tutorial at the IEEE PES T&D conference on the basics and state-of-the-art of bulk energy storage for power systems applications:
    • Basics of energy storage technologies and application
    • Cost-effective energy storage applications through bundling of grid services
    • Valuation of energy storage: Wholesale markets, distribution support and behind-the-meter
  • IoT certificate

    Internet of Things (IoT): Roadmap to Connected World

    by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2016

    Introduced both the broad range of IoT technologies and the most recent developments in the space, 1-month online training course with certificate upon completion:
    • Discover key IoT concepts including identification, sensors, localization, wireless protocols, data storage and security
    • Explore IoT technologies, architectures, standards, and regulations
    • Realize the value created by collecting, communicating, coordinating, and leveraging the data from connected devices
    • Examine technological developments that will likely shape the industrial landscape in the future
    • Understand how to develop and implement your own IoT technologies, solutions, and applications
  • Managing Chaos certificate from AMA

    Managing Chaos: Prioritization and Work Management

    by American Management Association (AMA)

    Tools to set priorities and make decisions under pressure, 2-day onsite training with certificate:
    • Define Chaos within your Control
    • Thinking and decision making
    • Priority planning
    • Plan daily work
    • Assertive communication
    • Action plan
  • Large-Scale AC Microgrids (MG)

    Essentials of Project Management for Non-Project Manager

    by American Management Association (AMA), 2016

    Tools for managing your project (for non-managers), 2-day onsite training with certificate:
    • Getting your hands around project management
    • How to work successfully with others
    • Getting it off the ground
    • Planning the work
    • Working the plan
    • Putting it to bed