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Trimming/Clipping EPS figures in Latex

In some journal and conference format, only eps figures are accepted. The problem with eps format is that you cannot open it with typical software in Windows to trim/crop, for instance. You should use professional software packages such as Adobe Illustrator to modify the eps file. This is not something that every one of us can do or afford the software to do it. The simplest solution in this case is to use trim functionality available in graphix.

\includegraphics[trim=1cm 1.5cm 1cm 1.5cm, clip=true]{your_image.eps}

The trim command accepts four numbers with unit for left, bottom, right, and top. For instance, the above code will clip 1cm from left and right, and 1.5cm from top and bottom. Your eps image will be trimmed and clipped according to the specified numbers. You can also use other typical settings in \includinggraphics such as:

\includegraphics[trim=1cm 1.5cm 1cm 1.5cm, clip=true,width=0.99\linewidth]{your_image.eps}