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Full Inline Citation in Latex

When you write a CV or resume in \textrm{\LaTeX}, you need to list your papers in a special order in special place, at least not at the end of your document. To do so, you should have your publications in a .bib file according to bibTex format. Then, you need to use bibentry package and a couple of special changes to your routine citation approach. Let’s say we want to use plain style from natbib package:




In lines 1 and 2, you just load the packages. In line 3, which come before \begin{document}, you set your desired style. In order to avoid adding references automatically to the nd of the doc, we ask \textrm{\LaTeX} compiler not to include any references from .bib file using \nobibliography*. In line 8, which comes before \end{document}, you point compiler to the right .bib file. Now, you can use \bibentry{key} to add full citation anywhere in the document, as you wish. If you want to have inline references and the list of references at the end of the doc, take out \nobibliography*.
If you like to bold your name in every entry, you can use standard \textbf{} command inside .bib file. It will show up in boldface in the document.