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A Comprehensive and Free Optimization Toolbox in MATLAB

Optimisation problems are everywhere regardless of your field of research. All researchers at some point struggled to solve an optimisation problem. For a long time, MATLAB had a relatively comprehensive toolbox where several optimisation solvers have been provided. Well, it does not have all the solvers we need. I recently found OPTI Toolbox which gathered many free/semi-free solvers in a single package. It is exclusively developed for MATLAB and bypass all the hurdles to get different solvers working inside of MATLAB. It has a suite of solvers which can handle simple linear optimisation up to mixed-integer nonlinear optimisation problems. It comes with a bunch of examples to start with too. The toolbox is very easy to use in MATLAB as all you need to do is to extract it on your machine and add the path to the list of path in MATLAB.