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Resolving issue of tables in the IEEE Latex class

subfig package is a unique package in \textrm{\LaTeX} to create subplots with specialised caption and label. Using the package in the IEEE \textrm{\LaTeX} class, however, causes an issue in the tables captions. Per IEEE format, captions should be in small caps (except a, an, to, or, and, …). The table number should come before the text of the caption, and both should be centred. Using subfig makes the caption number and text on the same line, flushed to the left, and without being turned into small caps.
I have found that the issue comes from caption package which is used by subfig package. To resolve this issue and being able to use subfig, the package should be called like this:


This way, full functionality of the package can be maintained while the IEEE format will not be messed up.