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PAPER: Learning from a 3.275 MW utility-scale PV plant project: Update and new remarks

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What is the Problem?
Batteries are inevitable in the future power system. At the same time, different battery technologies are under development and lots of unknown exist to the research and engineering communities about their operation. In addition, the benefit and technical limits of operating batteries next to a PV plant is relatively unknown in the research and industry communities.
Why is it Interesting?
It is interesting to see a comprehensive analyses of the battery operation within a relatively large PV plant in terms of operation and technical constraints. It provides insights into the hybrid system operation and offers a wide range of learnings to create better systems of the same type in the future.
What is the Approach?
In this paper, statistical analyses are carried out based on two years of 600 kW/760 kWh Li-Polymer battery operation within the UQ Gatton Solar Research Facility with 3.275 MWp of PV. In addition, the performance of different PV tracking technologies are evaluated based on field data to reveal the overall yield of the plant.
What is New?
While there are numerous simulation studies and small-scale field data analysis for performance evaluation of storage and PV systems, there is no such a study based on real data for a utility-scale PV and battery plant. It provides valuable insights into the system operation and performance over the years.
How was it Tested?
The entire study is done using actual data from the UQ Gatton Solar Research Facility. Different statistical tools are used to draw insights from the real operation.