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PAPER: Utilizing flexibility resources in the future power system operation- Alternative approaches

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What is the Problem?
The future power system should accommodate large amount of variable renewable generation in order to achieve renewable targets. Also, using conventional generators to provide ancillary services in the system should be limited to special circumstances as a way to decrease emissions from power plants by increasing conventional generators efficiencies.
Why is it Interesting?
The most cost-effective way to provide such solutions is to use the resources that exist. Storage of different kinds are still very expensive. Conventional generators contribute to emission and should be prohinited. Therefore, an alternative solutions are needed to solve the problem.
What is the Approach?
A control-based ancillary services method is proposed that can exploit the load demand flexibility in order to provide ancillary services for power system operation. It allows multiple system operators to fulfil their requirements simultaneously and seamlessly at all times.
What is New?
Different alternative approaches including P2P and Transactive Energy (TE) are introduced and compared in this paper along with an introduction to the AS4.0 approach.
How was it Tested?
It is a conceptual paper that hypothesized alternative approaches. There is no simulation study in the paper.