Available Opportunities: We have two scholarships for two female students to work with us in summer 2021-2022 for 12 weeks. For more information, please see ECMS Research Opportunities Guide. You can submit an application at Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship.
Please note that only current undergrad and postgrad with coursework female students at the University of Adelaide are eligible.

Project Description

The “Flexible Aggregator Simulation Platform (FRESNO)” is a research project aiming to create a platform to simulate, test and verify advanced smart grid operation mechanisms at the distribution level. It is a revolutionary platform that facilitates studying larger amounts of renewable integration into the grid to provide a secure environment for larger adoption of electric vehicles by avoiding excessive capital cost of grid upgrade. Developing such a platform can be particularly beneficial for SA with the highest behind-the-meter PV and storage penetration per capita in the world. This is also aligned with the SA government plan to create the largest virtual power plant (VPP) in the world, consisting of 50000 prosumers. The project is funded by the University of Adelaide RTP and Watts, Denmark.

The project has started early 2021. Three PhD student projects are defined as a part of the University of Adelaide Industry-PhD. The PhD students in this project received $10K p.a. top-up scholarship and $5K p.a. research allowance from the industry partner. The base scholarship is provided by the University of Adelaide. Also, the students will complete a mandatory six months industry placement with the partner, who also offers a two-way ticket to Denmark from Adelaide plus an extra $9K scholarship for the placement duration. Each student in this project is supervised by three academic and two industry supervisors.

Research Keywords

  • Flexibility aggregation
  • Flexibility simulation platform
  • Aggregator business models
  • Aggregator & future local markets
  • Aggregator & community storage
  • Behind-the-meter flexibility model

Project News

Project Publications

[3] Yogesh Pipada Sunil Kumar, S. Ali Pourmousavi, Markus Wagner, J. Liisberg, Optimal offering strategy for an aggregator across multiple products of European day-ahead market, Accepted for presentation in IEEE ISGT Europe conference, July 2022. Link:

[2] N. Dinh, S. Ali Pourmousavi, S. Karimi-Arpanahi, Y. Kumar, M. Guo, D. Abbott, J. Liisberg, Optimal sizing and scheduling of community battery storage within a local market, Accepted for presentation in the ACM e-Energy conference, May 2022. Link:

[1] Rui Yuan, S. Ali Pourmousavi, Wen L. Soong, Giang Nguyen, Jon A. R. Liisberg, IRMAC: Interpretable Refined Motifs and Binary Classification for Rooftops PV Owners, submitted to Renewable Energy, May 2022. Preprint:

Project Software and Codes

This section will be updated whenever we have a software package or code to share with public. Most likely, it will be through APIs to call and fetch data.